About Us

Mythic Mining Inc. was created with 3 purposes in mind.

  1. To profitably mine multiple crypto currencies.
    1. We have been profitable since our 2nd week in business and currently mine BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, and ZEC. We plan on expanding into Ethereum, and Kadena soon.
  2. To provide a low-risk investment for people who want to enter the crypto mining space but do not have the knowledge or logistics to directly mine themselves.
    1. We accomplish this through a low-risk Promissory Note that is explained further in our “Invest with us” section.
  3. To give back to God, our church, and our community.
    1. We believe that there is no point in making a profit if you don’t honor those who helped you succeed. First and foremost, we give God what is His. Then when able we further support the church. We also believe its important to support your community. We are part of the Springfield, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, offer education freely to those who want to learn more about crypto currency/crypto mining, and give back to local charities and organizations.

Invest with Us

Mythic Mining Inc. offers a simple Promissory Note to those who are interested in entering the crypto mining space but don’t have the knowledge or logistics to directly mine themselves.  Below we have included a copy of our Promissory Note Summary and Promissory Note for you to review. We recommend that you closely read the Promissory Note Summary document first; then if you are still interested review the Promissory Note. After review if you have any questions or are interested in investing, please contact us through the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this website.

Contact Us

Are you interested in investing with us? Would like to learn more about mining, or have general questions? Please fill out the form below. Our team is ready to help you today!